CHORALVERKEHR - our program


Privacy and intimate secrets no longer exist since Facebook and Gayromeo have taken over. Only Rosa Note has remained a place of secrecy and discretion. With CHORALVERKEHR we want to change that. We are going into self-revelation and want to tell you our little secrets.


We will talkt about Tom, who make all the singers’ heads turn. About the deep loneliness that you suffer from when you are a star. About our pianist, who works more than just the keys with his wonderful hands. About a valuable piece of advice from dear grandma and last but not least about why we are all limelight hogs and love to perform on stage for you.


For at the end, the curtain always rises again and we sing: “Yes, we love our choir”


In our program CHORALVERKEHR we sing about ourselves as always, spiced up with energetic choreographies, self-irony and songs from genres such as pop, musical, folklore and classical.

When we put that all together, we get CHORAL CABARET!


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