Rehearsals for our new program are starting now – join us!


Rosa Note is now starting with rehearsals for our new program. This is the perfect moment for you to become a Rosa Note. So don’t hesitate. So why don’t you stop by and check us out, without obligations. We are looking forward to seeing you!

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The Rosa Note

Since 1991 the Rosa Note have been captivating their German and international audiences. With their self-written lyrics and their energetic choreographies they’re developed their own special style


                                                       Our Program

Coming in Fall 2019

Kojen - CockTales - Kapitäne


Now that Rosa Note have been around for 27 years, it is high time that they go on a vacation together. So the stressed out singers have booked a cruise ship. Of course, things don’t go as planned:

After shore leave in Jamaica it is virtually impossible to leave the newly found love of a lifetime after a wonderful night. Can the guy with the huge bulge in his tight swimsuit serve as a consolation? Probably only for a moment. Better to go into the steamy machine room where the muscular, hot and sweaty sailors are. Later, at the Copacabana, the bartender Olaf and Nico from Puerto Rico run into each other...


First preview on May 4, 2019 in Heidelberg.

Premiere date to be announced.


Older programs

Videos for Various Voices 2014 in Dublin and 2018 in Munich - the big European LGBTI* Choir Festival!


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