Rehearsals for our new program are starting now – join us!


Rosa Note is now starting with rehearsals for our new program. This is the perfect moment for you to become a Rosa Note. So don’t hesitate. So why don’t you stop by and check us out, without obligations. We are looking forward to seeing you!

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The Rosa Note

Since 1991 the Rosa Note have been captivating their German and international audiences. With their self-written lyrics and their energetic choreographies they’re developed their own special style


CHORALVERKEHR - our Programm


Privacy and intimate secrets no longer exist since Facebook and Gayromeo have taken over. Only Rosa Note has remained a place of secrecy and discretion. With CHORALVERKEHR we want to change that. We are going into self-revelation and want to tell you our little secrets. We will tell you about:

-          A very special piece of advice from dear grandma

-          Limelight-loving stage hogs

-          The downside of being a star

-          Wonderful pianists’ hands

And last but not leas about why we always love to perform for you on stage.